Quebec Company Registration Search

Quebec Company Registration Search

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The Company Master Data and Charge data has been migrated from the legacy system. There are possibilities that the Company Master Data and Charge Data are incorrect. The facility of correction of Master Data has been made available without any charge. However, this facility, without any charges, would be available only for a limited period of time (up to 31 March 2009). Accordingly, all the companies are requested to view their Company Master Data and take appropriate steps. A similar facility has also been made available in respect of the ‘Register of Charges’ for the companies by clicking on to the ‘View Index of Charges’.

Step by step Process

  1. To access Master Company Data click “View Company Master Data” link on the left hand side of this page.
  2. Enter the Company Name or CIN of the Company.
  3. Click the Submit button in case CIN is entered.
  4. Press the “Search” button in case CIN is not available after entering the first few characters in Company Name field.
  5. List of companies would appear. Select your company by clicking the ‘Select’ button.
  6. CIN of the Company with Company Name shall be displayed on the screen.
  7. Click the Submit button once CIN is displayed.
  8. System shall display the Company master data.
  9. Verify the Master data of the company. If any correction is required in the master details,Click the ‘Print’ button.
  10. Master data shall be displayed in a tabular form.Take the print out of the same.
  11. Enter the correct data against the appropriate field in the verification Column.
  12. Enclose a copy of the evidence supporting such correction and send the same by post to the concerned Registrar of Companies (Registrar Address is also displayed on the printed page) in an envelope super-scribed ‘Master Company Data Correction’.
  13. Upon receipt of your request, the ROC would arrange to get the requisite corrections made after verification of the supporting evidence.

We regret that we cannot support this function on-line or allow the companies to make these corrections using the system as there are chances of some unauthorized users misusing this facility.

We charge Rs. 1500/- for company search. All the company documents and report will be send to you within 3 business days after payment receipt.

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