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Ministry of Corporate Affairs has develop MCA 21 for e-filling of documents for Company Registration and its working.  All the work are done on this MCA21 system by MCA Employees, Bank staffs, Professionals, Other.

All About MCA21

In order to carry out e-filing on MCA21 you have facility to download the eform and fill it in an offline mode. Every form has the facility to pre-fill the data available in MCA21 system. Once the e-form is filled you would need to validate the e-form using Pre-scrutiny button. You would then have to affix the relevant digital signatures and save the form. You would need to be connected to the internet to carry out the pre-fill and pre-scrutiny functions. The filled up e-form as per relevant instruction kit needs to be uploaded on the MCA21 portal. On successful upload, the Service request number would be generated and you would be directed to make payment of the statutory fees. Once the payment has been made the status of your payment and filing status can be tracked on the MCA21 portal by using the ‘Track Your Payment Status’ and ‘Track Your Transaction Status’ link respectively.

Some MCA 21 Quick Links

Acquire Director Identification Number (DIN)
Register Your Digital Signature
Track Your Transaction Status
View Company Master Data & Index of Charges
Track Your Payment Status
Get Certified Copies
Track Complaint Status
Find Corporate Identity Number(CIN)
Calculate the Fees
Check Company or LLP Name
Public Search of Trademark
View Public Documents
View Transaction Status PFO
Verify DIN-PAN Details of Director
Acquire Digital Signature
Annual eFiling

How MCA21 Works?

How to file paper attachments with the E-form?

You have to first get the paper attachments scanned and saved as a soft copy in PDF format. Then attach the same in the attachment section of the eForm by clicking the appropriate ‘Attach’ button.

How to upload/ submit the scanned documents?

You can upload / submit the scanned documents by attaching the same with the e-form and submitting on the MCA Portal.

How to ensure that the size of scanned PDF documents is not excessive?

To ensure that the size of scanned PDF document is within the permissible size limits, it is recommended that scanning should be done in ‘black & white’ mode at 200 dpi resolution and should not exceed 2.5 MB.

How to sign an e-form?

An e-form can be signed by the authorized signatory/ representative using the Digital Signature Certificate (DSC). Click the red colour signature box in the e-form to affix the digital signature. To avoid increase in size of the e-form beyond permissible limit of 2.5 MB, always affix the DSC using the ‘Sign and Save As’ option.

How to make payment electronically?

Payments can be made electronically through credit card/Debit Cards or Internet Banking. During the e-filing process, the system will prompt you to make payment. You can choose the mode of payment and make the payment accordingly.

How to make offline payment?

If you are not having a credit card or Internet banking facility, you can make payment at the counter of an authorized bank through the pre-filled challan generated by the system after e-filing.

Payments of value above Rs. 50,000, stakeholders would have the option either to make the payment in electronic mode, or paper challan. However such payments would also be made in electronic mode w.e.f .1st October’2011.)

For the purpose of collection of payments numerous branches in all major cities and towns of the following five Banks have been authorized:

  • State Bank of India
  • Punjab National Bank
  • Indian Bank
  • ICICI Bank
  • HDFC Bank

Details of the branches of the above banks offering this facility are given on ‘List of Authorized Banks’ link on the MCA21 portal

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