Find Your Company Registration Number

Find Your Company Registration Number

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The Ministry of Corporate affairs provide Find Company/LLP name facility on its website MCA.GOV.IN

This is a very useful form of identification in view of the fact that some companies can have very similar names. This is what many companies use in order to research other companies before they begin to do work together. I’ve used this many times when looking up web companies before I decide to promise to their websites. It’s actually just all about checking your backside. It’s much easier then checking with the business bureau but not quite as effective. The business bureau can give you a ton of more in sequence on a company and how it deals with its consumers. Perhaps most people like to lope both checks on a company before investing any money with them.

To get the registration number follow the stapes –

1) go to

2) now go to MCA21 link

3) now click on Find Corporate Identity Number (CIN)

4) Here you require to put the name of company and press get CIN

5) you will get the CIN of company in pup-up window

you can also get the company registration number from following link

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